• Florida: Three Major Destinations


    In October 2017, the crew headed to old haunts in Tampa to revel with fellow Mama Guava Stumblers in Tampa’s historic Ybor City.  The festival is now known as Guavaween.

    Gween-AllB4.JPG (140423 bytes) Gween-BBeer.JPG (168622 bytes)
    Before the Real Trouble Is that Buccaneer Beer?

    We’ve posted a very small sample of the craziness we saw.  This event has grown to the size and feel of a small Mardi-Gras (complete with bead currency).  I was here about 10 years ago, and it was simply a glorified pub crawl.  Now, whole streets are cordoned off and stages set up for big band entertainment.  We had the dubious pleasure of catching Blue Oyster Cult in action.

    The next day, the weather was beautiful, and the crew hooked up with Barbee and headed off to Raymond James Stadium using a Florida car rental to watch the World Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers crush the upstart Dallas Cowboys.

    RJ-Crew.JPG (174037 bytes) RJ-Front.jpg (115953 bytes) RJ-Inside.JPG (176218 bytes)
    The Road to the Stadium Chris & Suzie Out Front Barbee and Sons Inside

    This was the first visit to the Buccaneers’ new stadium for everyone, so we had to check out all the stuff in Buccaneer Cove at the North end of

  • Top 5 best American vacation trips

    As the world’s leading power, the United States owes its title not only to the strength of its army or its economy, but also because it sends a captivating and seductive image to the world. There are many destinations where you could enjoy a stay, but some of them are a must on your next trip to the United States.

    Don’t forget to apply for ESTA before you leave. This document is essential for your stay in the USA. You can find more information on the ESTA form online.

    New York

    It is the city of symbols in the United States. It is in this city that you will find the famous Statue of Liberty. It also has a number of world-famous monuments such as: the Empire State Building, the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park. Be sure to stroll along the avenues of the famous American Wall Street stock exchange.


    Miami is a sunny destination with a lively atmosphere. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Miami Beach and its many activities such as skiing in clear water and diving near Key West. At night on Ocean Drive, it is …

  • The best vehicles for your vacation

    While on vacation you may prefer to drive yourself around so as to achieve the best from your trip. But even so, it will depend on the kind of ride you are driving and the terrain of your vacation destination. Since using a car is your option, meaning you will spend much time behind the wheel, it will be wise to select a comfortable and fast ride. The ride must be able to get you to the destination be it you going hiking or into the wilderness. Its advisable to have knowledge of the places you will be visiting. Consider if they offer enterprise at orlando airport car rental first then you can proceed with your planning.

    To be on time, travel comfortable and enjoy the trip to your vacation spot, below is a list of best vehicles that will get you there, rides that will go that distance, from family SUVs to classic automotive, below is the best cars for your trip.

    These cars include:

    I. Land Rover Defender
    II. The classic Volkswagen camper van
    III. Lamborghini Urus
    IV. The Mercedes G Wagen

    1. Land Rover Defender

    Surely …

  • Paradise for Pennies: 5 Places of Budget Vacation

    You can use the services of a 24hr car rental these days if you want to travel to a cheap destination these days. Heading to a cheap place to have fun and relax is not hard if you know what you are doing these days too.

    From San Antonio, Texas, the USA to Puebla, Mexico, we have you covered. These places are truly awesome, and you will truly have a lot of fun while at it too. Therefore, you should read on so you can surely have a lot of fun down the line too.

    San Antonio, Texas, USA

    San Antonio will allow you to enjoy Mexican food and Tex-Mex right away, and that is just part of the fun. There is a river walk that you will truly adore, and your strolls will never be the same once you have embarked in this kind of road trip.

    Puebla, Mexico

    Puebla is an amazing city that you will truly love in no time down the line too. There are many things that you can enjoy here, and we will let you know about some of them. This is the …

  • Globetrotter’s Diary: Cincinnati

    Cincinnati, Ohio is home to skyline chili, the Reds and the Bengals, the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Ohio River and the Contemporary Arts Center. But I have to admit that one of my favorite establishments is White Castle. Miniature steamed burgers, fed-up employees and sleazy customers – what a terrific combination.

    Since you can find White Castle almost anywhere in the South, I’ll mention my other favorite Cincinnati hangouts – the Blind Lemon in Mount Adams and the S.S. Adventurer Steamboat.

    Cinn01.jpg (47552 bytes)

    Mount Adams is quaint, cozy, Cincinnati hip, pedestrian-friendly, varied – the neighborhood attracts a younger crowd looking for entertainment. We’ve spent several chilly nights hanging out by the outdoor fire pit at the Blind Lemon. Next door is a restaurant that is always packed with people. We also enjoyed the jazz bar farther up the street.

    Eden Park is quiet and idyllic. Folks jog, walk with their dogs, play with their children and lounge on the lawns. The park is also home to the Cincinnati Art Museum. The museum maintains permanent collection as well as temporary exhibits. Even though we weren’t huge fans, we enjoyed a Jasper