While on vacation you may prefer to drive yourself around so as to achieve the best from your trip. But even so, it will depend on the kind of ride you are driving and the terrain of your vacation destination. Since using a car is your option, meaning you will spend much time behind the wheel, it will be wise to select a comfortable and fast ride. The ride must be able to get you to the destination be it you going hiking or into the wilderness. Its advisable to have knowledge of the places you will be visiting. Consider if they offer enterprise at orlando airport car rental first then you can proceed with your planning.

To be on time, travel comfortable and enjoy the trip to your vacation spot, below is a list of best vehicles that will get you there, rides that will go that distance, from family SUVs to classic automotive, below is the best cars for your trip.

These cars include:

I. Land Rover Defender
II. The classic Volkswagen camper van
III. Lamborghini Urus
IV. The Mercedes G Wagen

1. Land Rover Defender

Surely your ride will not be complete without this car in your list. It’s the best off-road ride in the market, with its long history of durability and power, this ride will get you anywhere in no time. It built and designed to take you where no other vehicle will. Look no further for any off-road activities.

2. The classic Volkswagen camper van

This is an American classic designed for road trips and camping. It’s amazing since you can move cross country with your entire belonging for those who are heavy parkers. These will give you an option of camping anywhere even on roadsides. Comes with plenty of room for your luggage and enough room to sleep.

3. Lamborghini Urus

If you are looking to travel for fun, fast and in style, then this is the ride for you. Though it will cost you more to have this vehicle, the time you spend with it will give you experience that no other will. With its steeply raked roofline, huge wheels of 22 or 23 inches, and LED lighting. The experience will surely be worth its high cost. It will take you to amazing speeds of up to 190 miles/hr. the fastest SUV ride ever.

4. The Mercedes G Wagen

This is the older model which is durable and though on any road, it’s fast and can go for miles. It can venture into areas that no other car can go, even those intense terrains. It comes with enough luggage storage and enough room. Its wide body allows for easy movement in the vehicle. No desert it can’t close, no savanna is too tick for it or how bad the road is, the Mercedes G Wagen will take you in no time.

These are just a few of the vehicles that will make your trip memorable. They will give you an amazing experience. They are fast, durable and affordable. make sure to research on the destination you would like to go for your vacation if they offer 24hr car rental services, and if these type of rides are available.

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